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Minimize your ecological footprint

Print media and sustainability may at first appear to contradict themselves. But nothing is less true. We’ve made an ECOmmunication checklist to ensure your project has a controlled environmental impact and a maximum communication impact.

1. Choose wisely

Choose wisely which media fits your communication targets and audience. No waste in reach and media!
It all starts with the right target driven strategy. At Stay Wild we always start with defining the goals of your project, defining your target audience and then we translate it in a ‘no waste’ strategic plan. Always on target and measurable.

2. Choose digital

Choose digital communication when possible. It also makes your communication measurable. Going for digital communication through email marketing, social media, Google Adwords or display networks will always increase the ecological footprint of your brand or campaign. But our team always keeps an eye on how far you can go concerning reaching the right target audience and the goals of your campaign.

3. Go for sustainable print media

When choosing print media - which can be an excellent choice concerning reaching the right audience - make your communication valuable and increase the shelf life of your print media.

4. Ecological paper choices

Go for low impact in print and choose an FSC or PEFC labeled paper. And always go for a lower grammage.
At Stay Wild we can give you the best advice on choosing the right paper and printer. We try to print as much as possible with local printers with the right engagement towards the environment.

5. Increase the impact and brand loyalty

Don’t forget you can have even a bigger impact when you communicate about the green choices of your brand/campaign. So, even choosing for ECOmmunication can be campaign worthy. 
And know that 88% of all customers are more loyal to businesses with sustainable practices.

If you're interested in this topic for your brand or campaign, please get in touch with us. 
We want to go on this mission for a better world together with you. We're in this together.

We also have a very interesting lecture related to this topic - you can find more about this in the blog section of our website. You can also book us as expert speakers on this topic.